Aims and Scope

The journal aims to lead and excel in publishing distinguished, innovative and specialized scientific and professional research related to the fields of Archaeology and cultural heritage and restoration and conservation of antiquities locally, regionally and internationally, which contribute to meeting the needs and development of these fields, taking into account the ethics of scientific research and publishing.

The journal accepts the publication of original scientific research (which contributes substantial and significant new contributions in the aforementioned fields) in its various forms (theoretical, methodological, applied, or that reviews and analyzes previous studies of a research point) depending on the different research methodologies (descriptive, quantitative or case study) about The following topics (for example):

  • Prehistoric studies.
  • Studies of ancient Egyptian antiquities.
  • Studies of Greek and Roman antiquities.
  • Studies of Coptic archaeology.
  • Studies of Islamic archeology.
  • Studies of antiquities restoration and conservation, and heritage preservation.
  • Managing heritage and archaeological sites.
  • History and ancient civilizations
  • Studies of the archaeology of the ancient world.
  • Studies of ancient languages, lines and inscriptions.
  • Archaeological surveys and excavations.
  • Studies of museum sciences and methods of display and storage.
  • Studies of examination, analysis and study of archaeological materials.
  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies.